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this girl in my math class is literally obsessed with sloths. and this quiet kid in the back just looked at her and said “whats so good about sloths anyway?” and she just looked at him square in the face and said “you know what rhymes with sloth…murder”. i almost pissed myself. 

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Oh god I laughed way too hard at this



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Mayday Parade - Jersey [x]


This petition is to get the Delaware Supreme Court to fire Judge Jan Jurden for letting a confessed CHILD RAPIST Robert H. Richards IV avoid prison. She instead sentenced him to eight years in prison but suspended the sentence in lieu of probation. She cited that he would have too hard a time in prison. Boo hoo. This heir of the DuPont family admitted to raping his own THREE-YEAR-OLD daughter. Let Delaware know that we don’t condone two justice systems—one for rich child rapists and one for the rest of us.
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This is important!